James DeForrest Murch in his book Christians Only writes, “J. A. Spencer, author of a History of Kentucky Baptists, claimed that by 1827 ‘Campbellism was a raging fanaticism in Northern Kentucky.’ He further observed that in 1829 and 1830 ‘there were severed from the Baptists eight or ten thousand people’ who joined the Restoration movement.” [i] John Pitts was born near Pittsboro, North Carolina in 1776. He married Sarah Stovall, November 11, 1809 in Sumner County, Tennessee. Sarah Stovall was born in 1788 in Virginia. John and Sarah lived in Tennessee until about 1841 or 1842 when they joined their married children in Missouri. Young Mimms (sometimes spelled Mims) Pitts, their son was an ordained minister in the Christian Church and is considered to be the founder of the Antioch Christian Church. In an article telling about the founding of the church we read, “Young Mims’ mother had been reading the New Testament and left another church to accept the Christian Church doctrines.” [ii]

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