Mrs. Arthur Fisher wrote a brief history of the congregation that was read at the 100th Anniversary of the church. In it she says: “The first record we can find of the first preaching of the Christian doctrine in Hickory County was held in the Baptist church on half mile north of Pittsburg, Missouri by elder Mims Pitts in 1843. “The Baptist people permitted them to hold services in their church building for some time and there had been several additions to the church. One that we had learned of was Aunt Timpie Pitts, wife of Newt Pitts. One Sunday morning when they went to church they found it was closed so they held the services outside. “Later they moved their place of worship to the Dorman log school-house, which was located on the present Ben L. Mallonee farm. “Elder Edwards, Mims Pitts, E. J. Kendall and A. J. Pitts were organizers and early leaders of the church. The congregation met in different homes for worship and communion. Later a brush arbor was built on elder Mims Pitts farm, at present the Clester Pitts farm, one and one fourth miles west of Pittsburg. “The arbor was located just south and west of the house where Mims Pitts lived and died, in 1896.

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